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Wholesale Men's Shoes Dress Blaine NCPC5


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Wholesale Men's Shoes Dress Blaine NCPC5

An apple to the eye! This shoe will attract attention for sure and may at times become a focal point of an ensemble which adds certain panache to your outfit. 

    • Made from quality and finest materials to guarantee you total customer satisfaction
    • Classic and simple that provides protection than sandals
    • Features a versatile shoe design that can be worn with cuffed jeans or with the most dapper of suits
    • Quality soles for longer usage
    • A general everyday wear in different colors from which to choose
    • Stylish outside to keep you trendy while working 
    • This come in 12 pairs
    • This come in colors: BURGUNDY, SILVER, BLACK, GOLD, ROYAL BLUE
    • SIZE: A/B

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