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What Do Shoes Say About a Man? (2021 update)

Posted on June 16 2021

What Do Shoes Say About a Man? (2021 update)


What Do Shoes Say About a Man? (2021 Update)

Do you think a shoe is just a shoe? Wrong! Men's shoes are more than just fashion items. Shoes are indicators of who we are. Do you know that the shoes we wear provide cues about our personality, lifestyle, worldview, and work? All of which can affect your confidence at work and personal life. More reason to pay attention to the shoes you choose!

Best Men Casual Shoes for 2021

We offer the best casual shoes for men, make dressing for almost any situation, practically any season. But, of course, when we say casual shoes, we are using the word exceptionally.

Are these shoes worthy of your hard-work earnings? An ability to elevate your spring style, for one. It is a certain seasonally appropriate versatility for another. So forget to debate over whether you should build your outfit from the top-down or bottom-up once you throw on the best pair of casual shoes for men, it won't matter whether you're rocking chinos or shorts or sweats. From classic sneakers to sleek loafers, consider this a definitive guide to every type of casual men's shoe lace-ups and slip-on that should be on your radar right now.

Oxford and Derby

The obligatory Oxford and Derby (also called blucher) never run out my top shoe. An Oxford or Derby is typically the first formal pair of shoes a guy owns. I know mine was. That's why I recommend Oxford and Derby.
You may be thinking, what is the difference between the two. First, oxfords have closed lacing, then Derbys have open lacing as for which is more formal, the Oxford.

Black or Brown?

The Oxford and Derby are men's styles. They are sleek and dressy, and they separate the professionals from the amateurs.
  • Black - is appropriate for the most formal of occasions funerals, weddings, and black tie events.
  • Brown - is more casual and versatile. The lighter the shade, the more casual.

How about Sneakers?

Without further do, sneakers are more than a lifestyle. Instead, they've become a culture one of consumption that is currently defining our generation. Watching current fashion icons sporting the latest, we've developed such an infatuation with sporty footwear to the point that it's become part of our social news cycle.

  • Minimalist Sneaker

Sometimes even the neatest men like to go casual. And with the simple aesthetic popular as ever, it's good to have a go-to casual footwear option. The canvas sneaker is excellent for all types of casual outings, from ballgames to the backyard.

Canvas sneakers are stylish, versatile, and excellent. It's the summertime go-to in when you're keeping it casual.

  • Casual Sneaker

Last but not least, the good casual running sneakers round out this list of essential shoes for men and nice to have. These shoes are prime for many casual outfits and the trendy athleisure look.

Whether you've got to run some buddies to meet up with, the casual running sneaker is the most excellent choice. Partner it with joggers and a ball cap or rolled-up jeans.

Do I need this?

When you have a busy lifestyle, you need a quality pair of shoes to keep you up and support your feet every day. When we wear the appropriate pair of shoes, it's much easier to walk or even run with confidence.

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